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      Master Your New Year’s Resolutions With Chemistry

      It’s 2018, a fresh start for many who are apt to make New Year’s Resolutions.

      Statistically, we know that these resolutions – essentially those concerning major lifestyle changes – are tough to keep. Only 8% of Americans admit that by mid-year, they were still on the path to achieve those goals.

      Why? Because there’s a disconnect between our aspirations and actions that can be overcome with a good action plan. And chemistry is here to help. The products of chemistry are essential elements to achieving your goals.

      So whether you’re looking to eat better or travel more, here’s how innovation in this industry can help you achieve the five most common resolutions:

      Eat Healthier

      The innovations to food safety by the industry of chemistry are present from farm to table. Food growers use chemical compounds to eradicate disease carrying pests that compete for our food supply. Disinfectants in food production fight germs. Plastic packaging helps protect fresh, processed and prepared foods during transportation and also to extend shelf-life. Modern refrigeration is made possible by plastics (insulation, liners, hoses, seals, etc.) and chemical refrigerants.

      Drink More Water

      Why drink more water? Because the health benefits are remarkable! It’s a nutrient your body needs to maintain balance, and it’s readily available to drink from your tap thanks to chemical innovations.

      The easiest way to drink more water each day is to have a full glass of water before each meal and after every stop in the restroom. For most of us, that’s at least eight glasses a day. The medical community and nutritionists have previously suggested eight 8-ounce glasses a day, but recently there are findings that your water intake should be based on your weight.

      Check out this formula to see how much you may need:

      (Your weight) x (⅔) = Water intake in ounces

      According to this formula, a 200 pound man should drink 134 ounces a day, while a 120 pound female should drink 80 ounces. That’s a lot of water.

      When you’re on the go or at work, drinking more water can be tough to do without a reusable container. Find a bottle that’s easy to carry around!

      Be More Adventurous

      From sunscreens and bathing suits to kayaks and sleeping bags, chemistry’s innovation helps make our outdoor adventurous safer and fun.

      WATCH this video to show how chemistry is present in the great outdoors:

      Work Out More

      It’s easier to get motivated to move more when you have the right equipment. Here are just a few of the many ways chemistry makes it possible:

      • The widespread use of touch screens, enabled by plastics, adhesives and other products of chemistry are employed on cell phones and wearable fitness trackers.
      • The gear and equipment we use today at the gym, on the playing field and on the trail are predominately products of chemistry.
      • Football, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, skateboarding— many popular sports rely on plastic pads, helmets and other protection.
      • Plastic fibers make our workout clothing “breathable” and able to wick away sweat.
      • Modern swimsuits increase buoyancy, reduce resistance and help athletes glide through the water.
      • Cyclists, skiers, hikers, mountain climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts rely on carbon fiber-reinforced plastic gear, safety equipment and clothing, from skis to helmets to goggles to ropes to insulating fibers.

      Spend More Time With Family

      The business of chemistry relies on sophisticated technologies and decades of safety and security expertise to deliver its products by barge, pipeline, rail and truck. It’s also crucial in the process to manufacture the modes of transportation that can deliver you and your friends and family to fun and exciting destinations.

      Chemistry-driven plastic auto parts now make up approximately 50 percent of the volume of today’s new cars, dramatically reducing vehicle weight to significantly improve gas mileage—by up to seven percent for each 10 percent in weight reduction—while playing a critical role in helping improve vehicle safety.

      Auto and aerospace designers are turning to strong, durable plastics that weigh much less than traditional materials and help save energy. Modern aircraft relies on lightweight carbon-plastic composites for to reduce weight, improve performance, and save fuel costs.

      So are you ready to tackle those New Year’s Resolutions? Make 2018 the year you make and achieve your goals!

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        Stay up-to-date and engaged with the latest industry-related news.