On the road with #ACCaugust 3.0

ACC’s Political Mobilization is back on the road for #ACCaugust! During the Congressional summer recess we will be hosting numerous events with elected officials throughout the U.S. We’ll be fanning out across the country to further our industry’s advocacy goals through our grassroots initiative #ACCaugust. Through plant tours, in-district meetings, and industry roundtable discussions, we will meet with Members of Congress to raise awareness of issues important to our industry and employees and showcase the economic benefits of the business of chemistry where it matters the most—in their respective districts.

You can keep track of our progress here on the ACC blog, on our @AmChemMatters twitter account, or our Facebook page. Participate in the experience by joining the conversation using the hashtags #ACCaugust and #ChemistryMatters.

Take our virtual #ACCaugust tour with us! Zoom in and out and pan around to see where we’ve been and where we’re going!

Locations are subject to change

Where we’ve been

Sen Chris Coons visiting Wilmington, PA | August 16, 2017
SenCCoons Ashland KY 081617

Sen. Bob Casey visiting Covestro, Pittsburgh, PA | August 16, 2017
SenBCasey Covestro PA 81617

Rep. Lisa Rochester visiting BASF, Newport, DE | August 15, 2017
RepLRochester BASF DE 81517

Rep. Warren Kampf visiting Trinseo, Berwyn, PA | August 14, 2017
RepWKampf Trinseo PA 81417

Rep. Mike Turner visiting DuPont, Dayton, OH | August 11, 2017
RepMTurner DuPont OH 81417

Rep. Dave Loebsack visiting ChevronPhillips, Bloomfield, IA | August 11, 2017
RepDLoebsack ChevronPhillips IA 81117

Rep. Mike Coffman visiting Colorado Chamber of Commerce, Denver, CO | August 9, 2017
RepMCoffman COChamber CO 80917

Rep. Doug Collins visiting PPG Industries, Inc., Oakwood, GA | August 9, 2017
RepDCollins PPG GA 80917

Sen. Rob Wittman visiting SON Metal Fabrication, Ashland, VA | August 9, 2017
SenRWittman SON Metal VA 80917

Rep. Glenn Thompson visiting Solvay, Lock Haven, PA | August 8, 2017
RepGThompson Solvay PA 80817

Rep. Garret Graves visiting Hexion Inc., Geismar, LA | August 4, 2017
RepGGraves Hexion LA 70417

Rep. Daniel Lipinski visiting Nalco Company, Chicago, IL | August 4, 2017
RepDLipinski Nalco IL 70417

Rep. James Cormer visiting Ashland Inc. in Lexington, KY | August 2, 2017
RepJCormer Ashland KY 70417

Rep. James Cormer visiting Arkema Inc. in Lexington, KY | August 2, 2017
RepJCormer Arkema KY 70217

Rep. Larry Bucshon visiting ORG Chem Group in Troy, IN | August 2, 2017
RepLBucshon ORG Chem Group IN 70217

Rep. David Young visiting Monsanto in Ankeny, IA | August 1, 2017
RepDYoung Monsanto IA 70117

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