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More plastic, less waste? Yes. Seriously. 

A new study in the journal Science Advances looks at the “Production, Use and Fate of All Plastics Ever Made.” We welcome this new study, and the opportunity it provides to context to the important discussions around plastics’ growth and post-use management. Let’s start with a fact that might be counter-intuitive: plastics are highly efficient […]

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Approaching hurricane season underscores importance of well-built homes

Hurricane season is approaching, and Floridians will soon prepare themselves and their homes for potentially serious storms. Everyone knows that preparing for a hurricane includes making sure buildings are as secure as possible, including boarding up the windows and removing loose items that may damage nearby structures. However, building scientists understand the importance of building […]

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Getting ready for #ACCaugust 3.0

August is normally a time for resting and relaxation, students are enjoying the last days of freedom before school starts and parents are taking the last weekend trips to the beach or lake before the start of fall.  But not ACC’s Political Mobilization department, we are getting ready for #ACCaugust 3.0.  Last year’s #ACCaugust was […]

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BPA and glyphosate – A cautionary tale

Although you may not recognize the name glyphosate, you probably do recognize the name Roundup. It’s an effective and successful herbicide that contains glyphosate as its active ingredient. It’s also been controversial due to claims that it can harm your health. Glyphosate has been in the news lately after a questionable decision by the International […]

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The state of chemical security regulations: DHS weighs in

A few weeks from now, security experts from around the country will be gathering in Houston, Texas to kick off the Chemical Sector Security Summit. The annual summit provides a constructive forum for industry and agency officials to discuss pressing issues related to the safety and security of chemical facilities. Attendees will be discussing a […]

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