Stronger, safer, sleeker: Modern plastics are changing how we get around

LAAutoShow_0119-725x483Plastics Make it Possible® visited the recent Los Angeles Auto Show to check out the latest innovations in the automotive world. From concept cars to models likely to show up in your driveway there was one common denominator: Plastics. It makes sense: lightweight and sturdy plastics help make cars lighter and more fuel efficient, and enabling a multitude of safety and performance improvements. From the latest models featuring carbon fiber-reinforced plastics that add strength and safety without adding weight, to mass transit and self-driving vehicles made with 3-D printed plastics, plastics were everywhere. And, by using 3-D printing technology, some manufacturers say they can produce vehicles more quickly, and some of the parts can be recycled, too.

Check out our video (below) to explore the LA Auto Show and see these innovations made possible by plastics.

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