Can I recycle that? Comedian Rudy Mancuso has the answer

rudy_screenshotWho says you can’t have some fun while recycling? This America Recycles Day (November 15), our Plastics Make it Possible® campaign teamed up with comedian Rudy Mancuso to talk with millennials – and really anyone who would talk to him – about plastics recycling. Rudy hit the streets of New York City armed with a bucket full of plastics and quizzed New Yorkers on which ones can be recycled. (Spoiler alert: all of them – even the bucket!)

Rudy also talked to New Yorkers about the amount of plastics Americans recycle annually (6 billion pounds in 2014), what recycled plastics can become (the backpack on his back), and what items do not belong in your curbside bin (keep those garden hoses, shoes and old video tapes out!).

Watch Rudy have fun testing (and teasing) New Yorkers’ on their recycling knowledge in these two short videos.


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