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Month: September 2016


The chemistry of disaster relief

The Louisiana flood waters have receded and so has the national media coverage of this disaster. The storm pummeled South Louisiana with almost seven trillion gallons of water in...

The role of chemistry in sustainable buildings: Greenbuild sessions highlight materials health, safety and innovation

Innovations in chemistry make an important contribution in developing the products and materials that help create attractive, durable, modern buildings. High performance spray foam insulation helps keep heat and...

Carcinogen or not a carcinogen? A tale of two WHO Agencies, and the importance of evaluating study quality and human relevance

How is it possible that two World Health Organization (WHO) agencies could evaluate the same chemical’s potential to cause cancer and come to seemingly opposite conclusions? Dr. David Eastmond...

Why NIEHS should publicly endorse EPA’s EDSP program and the WHO/IPCS definition of an EDC

As with the presidential campaign, serious debate on the subject of chemicals that can interact with the human endocrine system is often sidetracked by a tendency by some to...

The pursuit of quality in risk assessment

The Toxicology Forum is an international organization that encourages dialogue among government agencies, industry, academia, policymakers, and NGOs concerned with public health issues. Following Congress’s recent passage of the...