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What do a solar panel and pacemaker have in common?

From solar panels to medical devices to sports safety equipment to personal care products, silicones are used in thousands of products. This family of high performance materials is crucial to countless industries, including medicine, construction, transportation, fashion, and sports. A recent socio-economic report released by the Global Silicones Council underscores just how important silicones are […]

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American Chemistry: Growing the U.S. economy, driving innovation and providing jobs

  Chemistry: It’s in everything – from air and water, to the products and technologies we use every day – and is essential to our everyday lives. Life-saving medicines, clean drinking water, protective packaging materials, stronger adhesives, lightweight automobile parts and more durable and safer tires are only a few of the thousands of innovative […]

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Spray foam insulation and California’s goal for zero net energy

Residential and commercial buildings together in the United States account for about 40 percent of total energy consumption – a greater share than either the industrial or transportation sectors. Furthermore, residential energy consumption exceeds commercial, accounting for 22 percent of total primary energy consumption. California has been a leader in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse […]

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Spray foam gives energy efficient boost to award winning home designs

Homebuilders consider many factors when designing new homes and one of the most important is choosing energy efficient materials to control heating and cooling use in the home. For insulation, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) offers unique benefits that can help lower energy costs* and strengthen a home’s structure while also achieving energy efficiency goals and […]

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Natural gas helps shape future of U.S. manufacturing

Natural gas continues to play a starring role in our nation’s energy story, revitalizing the chemistry industry and spurring manufacturing growth. Just yesterday, Royal Dutch Shell announced that Shell Chemical Appalachia LLC has taken the final investment decision to build a major petrochemical complex, comprising an ethylene cracker with polyethylene derivatives unit, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. […]

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