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EE Global 2016: Remarkable gains, significant potential for energy efficiency

The Alliance to Save Energy’s 9th annual Energy Efficiency Global Forum (#EEGlobal), held May 11-12, showcased the many ways energy efficiency drives productivity and profitability across the economy. Industry professionals, policymakers and members of academia reflected on the significant gains achieved to date and “next steps” for efficiency efforts. In exciting keynotes, Senators Rob Portman […]

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Nanotechnology – A small part of big solutions

Researchers are constantly looking for ways to combat disease, whether it is a familiar one like the flu or something never seen before like the Zika virus. Nanotechnology may offer hope to develop treatments for both. Dr. Tom Webster, chair of Northeastern University’s chemical engineering department and the president of the Society of Biomaterials, is […]

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BfR ‘consensus statement’ on EDCs reinforces 5 key principles underpinning risk-based model of regulation

When reports surfaced last month that nearly two dozen scientists had gathered in Berlin to reach an “expert consensus” on how to identify endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), it wasn’t immediately clear who attended, how they were selected, or how – or even if – the European Commission would use some of the outcomes to help […]

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How do various screening tools evaluate different chemicals?

Retailers and product manufacturers are increasingly using a variety of tools, lists and other approaches to determine whether specific chemical ingredients in consumer products may be a concern, or to certify what some call “greener” chemical ingredients. But what sort of information do these various tools provide? To address this question, a group of researchers […]

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