What’s so funny about a world without engineers?

World Without EngineersA world without engineers actually isn’t funny — at all.

A world without engineers would look a lot like the frightening dystopias of science fiction or fantasy films. But there’s another way to consider that scenario – one that uses a lighter, more humorous touch.

Be An Engineer

Through its ‘Be An Engineer‘ initiative, ExxonMobil has chosen to use a little humor to talk about a complex challenge: the need for more engineers. Indeed, the company is collaborating with a variety of like-minded organizations to inspire the next generation of engineers.

Recently, ExxonMobil chose the theme of ‘A World Without Engineers’ as a lighthearted way to share resources and incredible stories of innovation – giving us a window into the lives of the engineers behind the myriad solutions, technologies and innovations that create the world as we know it.

Check out some of the videos below and you’ll see what we mean.

Who would have thought engineers are making such an impact on our day-to-day lives?

If there were no engineers, the world would be a lot less fun.

Thanks to engineers, accepting a dare from your big brother is safer than it used to be.

Solving 21st-Century Challenges – “It’s What You Do”

Engineers are critical to the way in which the world works. But more engineers, and more kinds of engineers, are needed to address the challenges facing the 21st century.

While the examples in these videos are fun and meant to make us smile a bit, there are many other examples of engineering that are quite literally saving lives, and making our world safer and smarter.

So, if you’re an engineer, you help make the things that make modern life possible. It’s what you do. If you want to help solve 21st century challenges, you study Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). It’s what you do!

Be sure to visit BeAnEngineer.com for more resources you can share with a young person in your life.

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