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Give the gift that keeps on giving: 9 tips to help you recycle more plastics

Recycling really can be the gift that keeps on giving. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recycling can help conserve natural resources, reduce waste, prevent pollution, save energy, create jobs—and sustain the environment for future generations. As people around the world prepare to make good on their plans to eat, drink and be merry […]

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It may be the end of 2015, but American Chemistry is just getting started

As we near the end of 2015, it’s worth taking a look back at how far our industry has come the past few years, and where we think American Chemistry will be in the years to come. There’s no doubt that this is a transformative time for the U.S. chemical industry. Access to vast new […]

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12 days of giving? How about 12 ways of living…energy efficiently, that is!

This winter, innovations in building products made from plastics are lending a helping hand to homeowners with “more energy efficiency” on their holiday wish list. As many of you know, plastics play a major role in every household and provide benefits that can help us save money, reduce waste and conserve energy. They’ve played a […]

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The chemistry of Star Wars

Every day, fantastical technology we see in movies like Star Wars comes closer to reality. From aerospace to defense systems to medical devices, chemistry enables amazing feats of science and imagination. In this blog post, we’re going to delve deep into the possibilities with some educational information about chemistry and its role in innovation, so […]

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LiveScience Op-Ed: Plastics recycling continuing to make real progress

Contrary to what you might have seen in the press recently, plastics recycling is continuing to make real progress. Steve Alexander of the Association of Plastics Recyclers, Steve Sikra of the Procter & Gamble Company, and I recently joined forces to set the record straight. A lot of our recent progress can be attributed to collaboration […]

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