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New #ACCaugust initiative kicks grassroots advocacy into high gear

When you think of summer, the beach, state fairs, and family vacations usually come to mind. Here at the American Chemistry Council (ACC), however, our summer means something a little different—opportunity. During the month of August when Washington, DC, slows down and Congress heads home for recess, the state affairs and political mobilization teams will […]

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Chemicals in food: Top chemical food myths debunked…naturally! [video]

Chew on this: “Chemical-free” foods and drinks don’t exist. Natural chemicals in our food are not “naturally better” than manmade chemicals. And the word “detox” is too often used as a seal-the-deal marketing ploy to sell products to consumers that have already bought in to the first two myths. “This is NOT Natural,” according to […]

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Spray polyurethane foam showcased in top designs of competition for energy-efficient homes

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) offers a unique set of benefits that can help homeowners lower energy costs* and strengthen the home’s structure while achieving energy efficiency goals and reducing greenhouse gas emissions – and many future homebuilders recognize it! SPF was recently featured in a competition for graduate and undergraduate students, along with faculty advisers, […]

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False start: Popular morning show gets it wrong on phthalates and plastics

Morning shows can be a helpful way to get our morning news and start the day – when they are accurate. But, sometimes, those seemingly harmless morning wake up shows leave you saying, “Huh?!?” Like today… A couple of network morning shows aired segments about new studies that reported to observe a correlation between exposure […]

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