Sustainable Brands 2015: Evaluating chemicals in products

Heading to Sustainable Brands 2015, where business leaders will gather to share insights on sustainability, including discussions about key ingredients used to make everyday products?

Chemistry provides many sustainability benefits to the products people use every day. A number of available tools are used to evaluate the safety of the chemicals in these products. Some of the tools look at authoritative lists to determine whether a chemical is appropriate for use in a given product, while others assess the hazard profile of the chemical or material. And some go a step further to evaluate exposure to a chemical or materials and potential risk to people or the environment.

A panel session at Sustainable Brands today at 9 a.m. PT, “Evaluating the Chemicals in Your Products: Comparing and Contrasting Leading Tools,” featuring experts from the American Chemistry Council and Pure Strategies, will investigate a host of tools commonly used by large retailers and brands, including  U.S. EPA’s DfE, GreenScreen, GreenSuite, GreenWERCS, SciVera, and GoodGuide.

Workshop participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of the available chemical evaluation tools, their scope, and what questions they should ask their tool suppliers to help manage chemicals and risk. The session will highlight specific results these tools generate when evaluating chemicals commonly used in consumer products. Reports prepared by the authors on this subject will be available at the session.


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