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Highlighting spray polyurethane foam at West Coast’s largest homebuilding trade show

This week thousands of members of the building industry are visiting San Diego to attend PCBC, the largest annual homebuilding trade show in the western United States.

More than 10,000 participants are expected to visit the two-day event, which is open to anyone professionally involved in the building industry. Participants include builders, developers, architects, remodelers, designers, contractors, dealers/distributors and suppliers/manufacturers – and they come from the U.S., Mexico, Canada and approximately 25 other countries from all over the globe. “PCBC” was originally the acronym for “Pacific Coast Builders Conference,” the show’s leadership thought that was an incorrect reflection of the global audience.  Today the show is known simply as PCBC.

I find that there are many similarities among this diverse group of homebuilders. I have spoken with many attendees, and they all focus on the importance of safety and quality in their work. They share the goals of building beautiful, energy-efficient, and safe homes that their customers can afford.

It immediately became obvious that spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation offers benefits and solutions that homeowners want. SPF can substantially reduce energy needs and costs for both residential homes and commercial buildings. Many new homes could even lower their energy use and costs by installing SPF insulation.*

These are just a few of the excellent benefits of SPF:

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY & SAVINGS: SPF can be highly effective at preventing conditioned air from leaking out of house by sealing cracks, seams and joints, which means less energy is needed to heat and cool one’s home.
  • COMFORT & QUIET: Using SPF insulation can make homes and buildings more comfortable by preventing drafts, which helps better control indoor temperature. Some types of SPF help minimize sounds transmitted through the air, which can make a house quieter.
  • IMPROVED INDOOR ENVIRONMENT:  SPF can act as a barrier to water and vapor, helping to prevent condensation and water intrusion. Using SPF can provide better moisture control to help resist the formation of mold. Sealing gaps with SPF can provide a barrier against exterior pollen and dust, which can be especially helpful in households with allergy sufferers.

To learn more about the SPF insulation for your home or building, go to, or visit my previous blog to learn more about how SPF can make a difference for home owners in California.

*Savings vary. Find out why in the seller’s fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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Stay up-to-date and engaged with the latest industry-related news.