Nanotechnology could be the next big thing in medical care

A recent article on notes how important the role of nanotechnology could be to the future of medicine. Currently, scientists in the U.S. are researching how nanotechnology and nanoparticles may be used to fight many diseases, including cancer and Ebola.

Researchers hope that nanoparticles have the ability to attach to medications and then bind directly to viruses or cancer cells. This would allow the medicines to target the viruses or cancer cells without harming nearby healthy cells.

In conducting research on nanotechnology use to fight disease, scientists also continue to study how organs, such as the liver and kidney, respond, absorb and expel nanoparticles.

The American Chemistry Council’s Nanotechnology Panel promotes the responsible development of nanotechnology by advancing good product stewardship practices among nanomaterial producers and users. Panel members have the opportunity to help shape the industry’s positions on nanotechnology regulation, research, and stewardship practices and build relationships with other leaders in the field.

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