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Month: April 2015

Nanotechnology could be the next big thing in medical care

A recent article on notes how important the role of nanotechnology could be to the future of medicine. Currently, scientists in the U.S. are researching how nanotechnology and...

How are global chemical manufacturers helping to tackle climate change? [VIDEO]

2015 is a crucial year for moving the international climate change negotiations forward, and some of the world’s brightest solutions providers – global chemical manufacturers – are ready to...

Taking a complete view of preemption and TSCA reform

As support grows for the bipartisan effort to reform our nation’s chemical regulatory system, it’s important that we take an objective and honest look at the role of federal...

Listen to the science from Johns Hopkins University: Decreased risk of BPA to newborns

Parents have been concerned about the potential health effects of bisphenol A (BPA) on their children for years, based in no small part on scary headlines that have been...

What you may have missed at SOT: How ‘show and tell’ can lead to a greater understanding of chemical assessment results

Scientists are exploring new visual approaches to improve how chemical hazard values (and their inherent uncertainties) are determined and communicated to risk managers and the public so that we...