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Month: March 2015

ACC celebrates World Water Day

In 1993, the United Nations declared March 22 to be celebrated as “World Day of Water.”  Most people now simply call it World Water Day and it has grown...

Listening to the Science on BPA in Australia and New Zealand

Consumers can have confidence in the safety of BPA. In recent months, several leading government bodies around the globe have made clear statements in support of the safety of...

Germany’s experts listen to the science and endorse EFSA’s recent conclusion on BPA safety

“No health risk for consumers from Bisphenol A exposure,” reads the headline on a recent announcement. That headline says it all as German scientific experts listened to the science...

EPA’s ozone standard: A defining moment for U.S. manufacturing

As we approach EPA’s March 17 deadline for comments on its proposal lowering the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for ozone, Americans should be fully informed of the...

GlobalChem 2015: CEPA ICG executive director Amardeep Khosla answers our questions on how to advance chemical regulations in the U.S. and Canada

Canada has made some progress in regulating chemicals under the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) — so how can Canada and the U.S. work together to manage chemicals more effectively?...