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Month: October 2014

Golden ticket: Peer inside the wonky world of candy chemistry

From mouth-puckering sour gummies, to milky chocolate cups with peanut butter or fruity centers, candy is tasty as it is unique – and it turns out chemistry plays a...

U.S. manufacturing exports surging due to shale gas

Exports of manufactured products have risen 6 percent since the start of America’s shale gas production boom, according to a new report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It’s...

The many ‘spooktacular’ ways chemistry contributes to Halloween fun and safety

Got your costume for Halloween yet? Whether you’re a zombie or a princess, passing out candies at home or masquerading at a party, safety should play an important role...

Enjoy your French fries and ignore the hype about BPA

This week, yet another new bisphenol A (BPA) study hit the news after being announced with a sensationalistic press release. The study appears to have been designed not to...

Picturing the impact of EPA’s ozone regulations

Updated 2:00 PM EST, December 2, 2014 America’s chemical industry is undergoing a historic expansion, made possible by plentiful, affordable supplies of natural gas and NGLs from shale. But...