FutureStructure Summit explores how leading states and municipalities are investing in energy recovery technologies

At the recent FutureStructure Summit in Boston, Massachusetts, state and local policymakers and key stakeholders discussed strategies for developing the necessary infrastructure for cities of the future. The discussions, sponsored by GOVERNING Magazine, focused on water, waste, and energy issues, including options to recover energy from a city’s non-recycled waste.

One panel discussion, “Using Waste as a Resource,” addressed opportunities for states and municipalities to make their communities more attractive to energy recovery investment. The panel discussed how:

  • state renewable energy portfolio definitions should address energy derived from all forms of municipal solid waste,
  • non-recycled plastics and other non-recycled waste can be recognized as “fuel” rather than “waste,” and
  • states can implement permitting regimes that reflect 21st century  innovations.

Panel speakers included Representative Aric Nesbitt, Chairman of the Michigan House Committee on Energy and Technology and Fred Beach, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Energy Technology and Policy at the University of Texas and.

To learn more about energy recovery, visit http://chemistrytoenergy.com/energy-recovery.

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