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Month: September 2014

National Coffee Day: Enjoy a ‘cup of Joe’ with a side of polystyrene info

For many Americans, every day is coffee day. But Monday, September 29, is officially “National Coffee Day” in the United States. In honor of our caffeinated friend’s special day,...

Chemistry can help save energy in NYC buildings

This week’s announcement by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio that he wants to dramatically boost energy efficiency in the city’s buildings has garnered a lot of attention. His...

Dow and Preferred Sands win 2014 Polyurethane Innovation Award for TERAFORCE™ technology

“Innovation” in the 21st century can come from many industries and have a measurable impact on our way of life: social, environmental, economic or technological. But for American chemistry,...

FutureStructure Summit explores how leading states and municipalities are investing in energy recovery technologies

At the recent FutureStructure Summit in Boston, Massachusetts, state and local policymakers and key stakeholders discussed strategies for developing the necessary infrastructure for cities of the future. The discussions,...