Governing Magazine profiles Ohio’s energy recovery success story

States are looking for ways to encourage investment in alternative energy and improve their state’s environmental footprint – from keeping valuable materials out of landfills to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

With these goals in mind, many states are interested in waste-to-energy conversion technologies, and are reviewing and updating the relevant policies and regulatory frameworks to support such facilities. States are also finding that the process of incorporating energy recovery into their waste management plans helps drive economic development.

So what states are taking the lead? Ohio is a great example. In its June 2014 issue, Governing Magazine profiled three Ohio-based energy recovery technologies companies – including RES Polyflow, a member of ACC’s Plastics to Oil Technologies Alliance – that have been able to grow their businesses as Ohio policymakers have updated their state’s waste regulations.

For states that are still new to energy recovery, Governing Magazine is hosting FutureStructure: Water Waste and Energy Summit 2014 in Boston this summer. FutureStructure will provide an opportunity for lawmakers, industry, and other stakeholders to discuss possible solutions to future infrastructure issues, including those policies and regulations that will encourage investment in the facilities, so more communities can transform their waste into energy and other resources.

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