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Month: June 2014

American chemistry: Growing the U.S. economy, providing jobs, enhancing safety

Have you used your cell phone today? Laptop? Drunk from a coffee mug, or worn a bicycle helmet? If so, you, along with millions of consumers around the world,...

Putting all the pieces together: ACC helps improve chemical risk assessments

Most would agree that credible, science-based assessments of the potential risks from chemical exposures are necessary for providing both regulators and the regulated community with a useful summary of...

Chemistry and sports: Championship soccer edition!

Every four years, soccer fans put everything aside to focus on the world’s most popular soccer tournament, and this year is no different – with one key exception: many...

State of the Science (Part 3 of 3): Dr. Melvin Andersen Q&A on EPA formaldehyde workshop

Following the completion of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Center for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) state-of-the-science workshop on formaldehyde inhalation last month, the American Chemistry Council’s Formaldehyde Panel...

Employees help ACC land coveted spot on The Washington Post’s 2014 ‘Top Workplaces’

More than 200 of the most talented and dedicated individuals in Washington, D.C. work for the American Chemistry Council – and they have voted us one of The Washington...