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Month: March 2014


California’s test case misplaces priority by targeting energy-efficient spray foam

Eureka! It would seem that the motto of the state of California was in full force yesterday when the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) announced, almost with fanfare,...


California DTSC draft list of priority products proving program to be flawed, duplicative

This week, the California Department of Toxic Substances Control announced the first step in a complex, new regulatory process that is designed to assess the risk of certain chemicals...

White House to establish new innovation institute for manufacture of advanced fiber-reinforced polymer composites

Innovations in energy efficiency – nearly every one made possible by chemistry – are reducing energy demand for our cars, homes and businesses. And recently, the White House announced...

BPA and plastics: the not-so scary truth

What’s trending right now? Lots of chatter about the safety of plastics: Are plastics safe in food packaging? Are they safe in carry-out food containers? What about the plastics...

GlobalChem 2014: Spotlight on TSCA reform, chemical risk assessment

It’s a wrap for another successful GlobalChem conference. For more than two decades, this annual meeting has provided a very productive venue for industry leaders, regulators and stakeholders to...