New plastics-to-oil technologies alliance revs up

Are used plastics poised to become the new black gold?

The American Chemistry Council’s Plastics Division recently announced the launch of a new group whose members are developing commercial scale technologies for converting non-recycled used plastics into crude oil and other petroleum based products (read full press release).

The new Plastics-to-Oil Technologies Alliance is working to increase awareness and enhance public policy in support of these technologies, which will one day soon help power America’s transportation, businesses and communities.

Founding members of the group include Agilyx Corporation (Beaverton, Oregon), Cynar Plc (London) and RES Polyflow (Akron, Ohio). And since January, the group has already expanded its ranks with the addition of Sealed Air (Elmwood Park, New Jersey).

In 2011, ACC’s Plastics Division released a study, “Conversion Technology: A Complement to Recycling,” which details the state of challenges and opportunities for this rapidly growing industry.

For more on how legislative leaders at the local, state and federal level are embracing these conversion technologies as a promising way to transform waste into a valuable resource, visit

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