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Month: February 2014

New plastics-to-oil technologies alliance revs up

Are used plastics poised to become the new black gold? The American Chemistry Council’s Plastics Division recently announced the launch of a new group whose members are developing commercial...

Such great heights: Chemical industry investment surpasses $100 billion

The United States continues to reign as the place to manufacture chemicals now, as potential U.S. chemical industry investment has now topped $100 billion. As of this month, the...

2012 WHO/UNEP report “State of the Science of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals” doesn’t meet the mark

When the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) published its 2012 “State of the Science on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals” report in February 2013, ACC...


Authors ignore fundamental principles of science in Lancet paper, opt for alarmism

In 2006, two researchers, Philippe Grandjean and Philip Landrigan, conducted a review of existing studies and posited that certain industrial chemicals could contribute to neurobehavioral effects. It appears that...

Case study: Milliken polypropylene products deliver on efficiency and design

Energy efficiency is on the rise in America, thanks to recent legislative initiatives (see H.R. 2126 and S. 1000)  and the emergence of public and private partnerships (see the...