How formaldehyde contributes to a sustainable future for wood products [INFOGRAPHIC]

Formaldehyde has been improving our lives for more than a century. Today, it is essential to making hundreds of beneficial products we rely on every day in our homes and factories — and, in many cases, it is the key ingredient that makes consumer products perform better.

One of formaldehyde’s most sustainable and popular uses is in the production of resins and glues to turn recycled and recovered wood chips, wood waste and sawdust, which would otherwise be burned or disposed of in a landfill, into affordable, environmentally responsible engineered wood products to furnish our homes.

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In addition to creating engineered wood, many of the advancements in construction materials and methods may not exist without the chemistry of formaldehyde.

Watch “Formaldehyde Use in Building and Construction” to find out exactly what we mean.

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