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Month: January 2014

House committee approves ‘Better Buildings Act’

Those who support  energy efficiency legislation received welcome news from Congress this week in the form of a bill that would help save energy in America’s commercial buildings. H.R....

Making chemical facilities and workers safer through Responsible Care®

Recent tragic events involving facilities that store or use chemicals have gained the attention of all Americans, and our thoughts continue to be with those living in impacted areas....

‘American chemistry is back in the game,’ ACC’s Martha Moore tells Conference of Mayors

In a reversal from just a decade ago, the United States is once again a favorable destination for manufacturing investment, as the new economics of shale gas creates a...

Chemistry to help lift winter athletes to peak performance in Sochi

The 2014 Winter Olympics, just three shorts weeks away, will showcase high-speed skiing, super-skilled snowboarding, and high-stakes ice hockey, among many other sports. But did you know that the...

Milwaukee meets the challenge with energy efficiency initiatives

As cities across the country look to reduce their operating expenses in 2014 and beyond, one cost-cutting strategy that has proved particularly effective is energy efficiency. Through programs such...