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Month: October 2013

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Safe, affordable drinking water: the California debate over hexavalent chromium

A debate is taking place in California over a proposed maximum contaminant level (MCL) for hexavalent chromium in drinking water. The proposed MCL from the California Department of Public...

In Europe, hurrahs and hand-wringing over America’s shale gas advantage

Abundant, affordable, American supplies of natural gas from shale have transformed the nation’s economic landscape, driving investment, producing jobs, creating a manufacturing renaissance and increasing household incomes by $1,200...

Newly adopted energy efficiency standards will improve new homes

Energy-efficient construction reduces the total cost of homeownership by lowering monthly energy bills — a benefit not to be taken lightly, since energy bills are the second-largest monthly expense...

Safeguarding chemical facilities: Our round-the-clock responsibility, every day of the year

Responsible Care® companies do not stand down from their commitments to safety and security, even in the case of a partial government shutdown. Despite the recent government furloughs, ACC...

New video highlights growing interest in technologies that transform waste into energy

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has released a new video that provides a quick overview and some compelling statistics about the benefits of recovering energy from waste. “Don’t Trash...