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Month: October 2013

More signs from Stanford to the Gulf Coast that natural gas is boosting American chemistry

As the U.S. economy continues to sputter, America’s chemical industry motors along. A recent report by Stanford’s Energy Modeling Forum, for example, estimated that robust and sustainable supplies of...

ACC welcomes calls for renewed action on the bipartisan CSIA

Moms today are some of the smartest, most educated consumers around. They have to be. With so much misguided advice swirling around about which products to buy and which...

In the ‘Land of Lincoln,’ shale gas portends a chemical industry growth spurt [VIDEO]

Mark Biel, executive director of the Chemical Industry Council of Illinois, exudes optimism, thanks to robust supplies of affordable natural gas. “This is the most exciting time to be...

Energy Efficient Foam Coalition: ‘Get the Facts about California AB 127’

California Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed into law AB 127, which requires a review of flammability standards for all building insulation materials used in the state. Unfortunately, some people...


What’s missing from Nick Kristof’s latest column?

What is most striking about Nick Kristof’s latest column about endocrine disruption is what’s missing from it. Granted, one has to know the science and regulatory considerations well enough...