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      Spray polyurethane foam delivers energy efficiency for high-performing buildings

      It’s hard to believe, but winter and cooler temperatures are right around the corner. Some are even predicting a particularly harsh winter for many parts of the country.

      It’s a great time for homeowners to get ahead of the season and think about using a professional contractor to install spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation for a more comfortable indoor experience, no matter the conditions outside.


      Benefits that homeowners want

      SPF insulation offers benefits and solutions that homeowners want. Here are just a few of the excellent benefits of SPF:

      ENERGY EFFICIENCY & SAVINGS: SPF is highly effective at keeping outside air from coming into a house by sealing cracks, seams and joints, which means less energy is needed to heat and cool one’s home. That’s welcome news for homeowners who are looking to reduce their energy bills.

      COMFORT & QUIET: Using SPF insulation can make your home or building more comfortable by preventing drafts, which helps better control indoor temperature.  Some types of SPF help minimize sounds transmitted through the air, which can make a house quieter.

      IMPROVED INDOOR ENVIRONMENT:  SPF can act as a barrier to water and vapor, helping to prevent condensation and water intrusion. Using SPF can provide better moisture control to help resist the formation of mold. Sealing gaps with SPF can provide a barrier against exterior pollen and dust, which can be especially helpful in households with allergy sufferers.

      Installation tips

      When having SPF installed in your home, work with a professional contractor who can educate you on the installation process. A professional contractor can explain the benefits of SPF as well as safe use and handling practices to employ during installation. Homeowners should also consider using an SPF contractor who has earned certification. For example, the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) has a professional certification program. You can learn more about professional installation by visiting

      Fire safety

      SPF producers are committed to the safety of their products and work to ensure that SPF insulation meets all applicable fire safety provisions in building codes and standards. Existing building code fire safety provisions are based on years of careful analysis, extensive testing and a robust and inclusive public development process. They are designed to protect people and property.

      Like any organic substance, polyurethane foam insulation will burn if exposed to a sufficient heat source. Flame retardants are used in SPF to help prevent fires from starting, limit the spread of fire, minimize fire damage, and provide valuable escape time.

      Learn more

      To learn more about the SPF insulation for your home or building, go to

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        Stay up-to-date and engaged with the latest industry-related news.