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Month: July 2013

Public input is critical to successfully move forward on IRIS reform

Sound science and transparency should be at the core of how the federal government evaluates the safety of chemicals — and they are critical elements to successfully reforming the...

Science writer highlights how recovering energy from waste helps fight climate change

In a recent article for the Huffington Post, science writer and founder of Shawn Lawrence Otto writes about how misperceptions concerning waste-to-energy (WTE) facilities have actually worked against...

Fortified by natural gas, chemical manufacturers and steel makers flex economic muscle

A barrage of experts from Wall Street, consulting firms and think tanks have reported on the enormous benefits that manufacturers derive from robust and reliable supplies of natural gas...

Lightweight, durable carbon fiber creates a competitive advantage for U.S. manufacturers

By helping to make airplanes faster, cheaper, quieter and more efficient, carbon fiber technology is key to staking out a competitive edge in international commercial aviation, according to a...