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Month: May 2013

Rising tide of natural gas makes the U.S. a ‘magnet’ for chemical industry investment

Plentiful, affordable and long-lasting supplies of natural gas from shale have created a decisive competitive advantage for America’s chemical manufacturers that is attracting billions in potential new investment to...

Shale gas calling: Could New York follow Pennsylvania’s lead?

If New York emulated Pennsylvania by using hydraulic fracturing to gain access to vast sources of natural gas from shale, it would galvanize economic growth in the Empire State...

New interactive case studies showcase the chemistry driving U.S. energy efficiency

All told, the products of chemistry and plastics help Americans save up to $85 billion a year in energy costs. But what’s less “telling,” one might say, is just...

Energy recovery fights climate change and supports the economy, CAP report shows

In addition to recycling and composting, there’s another way communities can help fight climate change – by converting more of their waste into energy. The Center for American Progress...

17 ACC member companies win Responsible Care® Energy Efficiency Awards

American Chemistry Council members reduced energy use by 10.6 trillion BTUs in 2012, enough to power all the homes in a city the size of Bangor, Maine, for one...