ACC highlights commitment to consumer products and safety at Capitol Hill event

Over the past month, ACC has been rolling out its new Responsible Care® Product Safety Code. Based on existing industry best practices, the Product Safety Code goes above and beyond regulatory requirements to manage the safety of chemicals used in products.

As part of our efforts to educate stakeholders about the Code and its implications, ACC hosted a forum on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, attended by Congressional staff, media, industry and our colleagues in the value chain, to stimulate a dialogue about the Code and industry’s commitment to safety.

ACC President and CEO Cal Dooley set the stage by providing an overview of Responsible Care achievements over the past 25 years and laying out the principles of the new Product Safety Code. Congressman Tim Murphy (PA-18), our Congressional sponsor for the event, highlighted the vital role of the chemical industry in developing the products and technologies that improve our lives.

Event panelists spoke to actions industry is taking to strengthen the safe management of chemicals throughout the value chain and provide consumers with added confidence in the safety of the products they use every day:

  • Neil Hawkins, Vice President of Global EH&S and Sustainability for Dow Chemical, reviewed the chemical industry’s product safety journey and touted the Product Safety Code as the gold standard that other industries will emulate.
  • Bill Griesser, Global Director of Product Supply at Procter & Gamble, noted that the safety of a product is intrinsic to its value to the consumer, and the Product Safety Code will enable ACC member companies to better share this important information with consumers.
  • Andy Hackman, Vice President of Government Affairs at the Toy Industry Association, praised ACC members for adopting the new Code and looks forward to working with industry to enhance the safety of children’s products.
  • Terry F. Yosie, President and CEO of the World Environment Center, stated that the Code represents a new commitment to transparency and an expanded approach to life cycle thinking.

All ACC member companies are required to adhere to the Product Safety Code, which includes 11 mandates for analyzing and advancing product safety performance. Compliance with the Code will be verified by third-party auditors. The Code will require companies to make information about their chemicals public, so consumers can understand what chemicals are in the products they use every day.

The Product Safety Code gives manufacturers and consumers that safety is at the core of the way chemical products are made, sold, delivered, sued and disposed of. We are looking forward to working with stakeholders – on Capitol Hill and along the value chain – to promote the Code and industry’s commitment to the safety of its products and its customers.

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