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Month: March 2013

California Bureau hears public comments on proposal to reduce fire safety

The California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation (the Bureau) is holding a hearing today to accept final public comments...

3 reasons U.S. chemical manufacturers would welcome Japan to TPP negotiations

“This is our last chance. If we don’t seize it, Japan will be left out,” declared Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Able in a televised address last Friday, calling for...

Recycling of rigid plastics achieves major milestone

Here’s a Hint: There’s a Good Chance You Can Recycle them in Your Area This week, there’s much good news to report on the recycling of rigid plastics, a...

From England, thumbs up for an American energy revolution

The Economist, Great Britain’s globally-respected analyst of political and economic trends, has given a sterling endorsement of the benefits of natural gas for the U.S economy, especially the chemical...

Dow chemistry makes Habitat for Humanity homes more energy efficient

ACC member Dow Chemical has helped Habitat for Humanity build affordable homes for low-income families since 1983 — and Dow does it in large part through top-notch chemistry that...