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As an energy plan, Sen. Murkowski’s blueprint is strategic and substantial

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), ranking member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, has introduced her long-awaited and sweeping energy blueprint with more than 200 agenda items, including calls for increased domestic energy production from all sources, and support for energy efficiency.

The American Chemistry Council, which recently celebrated the first anniversary of its From Chemistry to Energy campaign, welcomed Sen. Murkowski’s effort, saying in a statement:

[quote]Senator Murkowski’s blueprint offers a strategic and substantial portfolio of ideas in support of its objective to develop an abundant, affordable, clean, diverse and secure energy future.[/quote]

Responsible energy development

Sen. Murkowski said the energy blueprint — what she calls a “conversation starter” — reflects a “paradigm shift” from old policies based on energy scarcity to new ideas based on energy abundance:

[quote]There may have never been a time when we have more potential for energy production — or for energy productivity.[/quote]

The Murkowski plan endorses natural gas from shale, increased production on federal lands, off-shore drilling, revenue-sharing with the states, the Keystone XL pipeline and drilling in the non-wilderness parts of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

In her speech unveiling the energy blueprint, Sen. Murkowski connected the dots linking energy production with jobs, and not just in oil and gas states:

[quote]These jobs extend beyond energy production, flowing directly from the economic growth made possible by it. We have the resources, capacity, and technological know-how to lead in energy production and benefit our economy, our security, and our environment.[/quote]

Sen. Murkowski’s view on energy and jobs is in line with ACC’s position:

[quote]Senator Murkowski’s energy blueprint recognizes that domestic energy production has become the engine driving America’s economy by producing thousands of new jobs and spurring billions of dollars in new manufacturing investment, including the potential for over $55 billion in new chemical industry investment.[/quote]

Substantial gains in energy efficiency

Sen. Murkowski’s proposals are not limited to calls for more production; she also endorses policies that take a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency and that put the latest energy efficiency innovations to work, saving energy for our country.

Many of the products and technologies that empower Americans to save energy are made possible by chemistry. According to a recent ACC study, products of chemistry save up to 11.1 percent of total U.S. energy consumption – enough to power, light, heat and cool up to 56 million households or power 135 million vehicles annually. That’s up to $85 billion in energy savings every year.

ACC has long-endorsed a comprehensive energy strategy that encourages and develops all of America’s own energy resources, from increased production of natural gas to innovations that contribute to greater energy efficiency. Many of these approaches are captured in Senator Murkowski’s energy initiative, and ACC members hope this all-of-the-above approach is prioritized in the new Congress.

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