FluoroCouncil to attend Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City, Jan. 23-26.

The FluoroCouncil, the global organization representing the world’s leading fluoro-technology companies, will attend the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City, Utah, from January 23rd to 26th. Please join us at booth #32016E at the Salt Palace Convention Center to learn about the benefits of fluoro-technology in outdoor apparel. Booth #32016E is conveniently located in the corridor outside Hall One and Hall A.

Fluoro-technology is the use of fluorine chemistry to create products with unique properties that are essential to modern life and industry. For outdoor apparel, fluoro-technology offers a combination of benefits that no other product can provide. Outdoor performance apparel and equipment enhanced with fluoro-technology helps people stay warm, dry and safe in extreme conditions by providing long-lasting water repellency, oil repellency, stain resistance, and soil release with abrasion resistant finishes. This full range of performance effects cannot be achieved with alternative technologies at this time.

Garments treated with fluoro-technology have a longer useful life, reducing energy and water use for replacements and requiring less frequent laundering, lower wash temperature and shorter drying time, which all further help to reduce water and energy consumption.

Fluoro-technology based products have a long history of delivering superior performance for an amazing diversity of challenging applications. The companies of the FluoroCouncil are committed to providing consumers with unmatched performance for outdoor apparel while offering an environmental and health profile based on sound scientific studies that is acceptable to regulators.

The new generation of short-chain polyfluorinated apparel treatment products, specifically C6 based products, reflects this commitment by continuing to provide the unique benefits of fluoro-chemistry with greatly improved environmental and toxicological profiles that have successfully passed recent, stringent regulatory review. The FluoroCouncil and its members are driving efforts to fully adopt this new generation of chemistries.

To learn more about the FluoroCouncil and its commitment to stewardship sustainability, please visit http://fluorocouncil.com/Innovations-Stewardship.

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