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Month: December 2012

Efficiency is key to meeting energy demands of a changing world, ExxonMobil says

The expected rise in our global population — up to 9 billion people by 2040 — will have a huge impact on the world’s economic conditions, resources and our...

See how chemistry helps the U.S. save up to $85 billion a year in reduced energy costs

ACC members make valuable contributions to our nation’s portfolio of energy efficient innovations in areas like automotive, home, building and industrial efficiency. Combined, our products save up to 11.1...

No apparent political divide on the benefits of shale gas

Bipartisanship on domestic policy issues materializes about as often as a snow man in Washington, D.C.  But across the political spectrum and around the country, endorsements for shale gas...

New video and report: The chemistry behind energy efficient buildings

Nearly one-third of all energy used in the U.S. today is consumed by the building sector — and that number could rise dramatically over the next few decades, potentially...

Help wanted! The natural gas revival creates demand for skilled workers

Millions of Americans are looking for work in these difficult economic times, so news of a labor shortage might come off as a bit of a paradox. But that’s...