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Month: November 2012

Plastics help drive auto safety

Versatile plastics hold the key to a host of safety and performance breakthroughs in today’s automobiles and make up roughly 10 percent by weight but 50 percent by volume...


U.S. energy future depends on natural gas and energy efficiency, according to World Energy Outlook

The U.S. is in store for a bright energy future achieved by enhancing domestic energy security and boosting the competitiveness of America’s manufacturing sector through abundant, affordable supplies of...

Congratulations to our #Chemistry2Energy week eight photo contest winner; voting begins!

Congratulations to the #Chemistry2Energy Photo Contest’s eighth weekly winner, Jay Richard (@Jay36483296), who submitted a photo of a wind turbine along with the caption: [quote]#Chemistry2Energy – Wind Power: Efficient...

Experts are bullish on a manufacturing revival led by American chemistry

Valence investment banking analyst Anton Ticktin could be called an advocate of supply-chain economics. He credits abundant, affordable supplies of natural gas from shale for the resurrection of the...

Congratulations to our #Chemistry2Energy week seven photo contest winner!

Congratulations to the #Chemistry2Energy Photo Contest’s seventh weekly winner, Timmy Childs (@EvenPar8462), who creatively submitted a photo of a football player along with the caption: [quote]#Chemistry2Energy – Lighter weight...