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Lightweighting through chemistry products revolutionizes vehicle efficiency

Americans are becoming increasingly conscious of efficiency in the cars we drive, and one of the most effective ways to improve vehicle efficiency is through “lightweighting” – reducing the weight of a car so that it can run farther on less fuel. Decreasing a vehicle’s weight by just 10 percent can improve a car’s fuel […]

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Cheap natural gas can bring hope to voters along the “Rust Belt”

“Three decades after being devastated by the closing of steel mills, this gritty river valley is hoping its revival will come from cheap natural gas,” The Wall Street Journal recently reported, referring to Beaver County, Pa. Today, these Americans are standing in line to vote, many of them with energy on their mind. That’s because […]

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Congratulations to our #Chemistry2Energy week six photo contest winner!

Congratulations to the #Chemistry2Energy Photo Contest’s sixth weekly winner, Bailey Tomson (@baileyTee), who saves energy AND reduces waste by recharging and reusing old batteries: Chemistry goes into the lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries we depend on every day to power our automobiles, military equipment, laptops, mobile phones, MP3 players and more. Energy storage is also a growing […]

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