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Month: November 2012

Congratulations to the ACC #Chemistry2Energy Photo Contest’s grand prize winner!

Meredith’s grand-prize winning photo included a Low-Emissivity (Low-E) energy efficient window installed at her workplace, highlighting the important role chemistry can play in helping to make our homes and...

Manufacturing is poised to remake our future, McKinsey study shows

Despite the Great Recession, manufacturing worldwide not only survives, but thrives, accounting for approximately 16 percent of global gross domestic product and 14 percent of employment. “Globally, manufacturing continues...

#Chemistry2Energy Photo Contest ends Nov. 28, so vote today for energy efficiency!

Our 8 weekly #Chemistry2Energy photo contest winners are in a tight race for first place, and your vote could make the $1,419 grand prize difference! The voting period closes...

Rice University: Polyurethane chemistry and nanotech key to next-gen body armor?

( — In the macro world, it’s easy to see what happens when a bullet hits an object. But what happens at the nanoscale with very tiny bullets? A...

Politico event highlights energy efficiency as critical component of U.S. energy policy

We’ve said it before: reduced energy demand is the cleanest energy there is, and last week’s “Energy and the Presidency: The Shift from Campaigning to Policymaking” event helped to...