Congratulations to our #Chemistry2Energy week three photo contest winner!

Congratulations to this week’s photo contest winner, Meredith Streppa (@MeredithStreppa), whose photo collection included a Low-Emissivity (Low-E) energy efficient window installed at her workplace, along with the tweet:

Energy efficient at work and home! @AmChemistry #chemistry2energy

As one ACC member, Arkema, Inc. explains, low-e window coatings help reduce heat loss while simultaneously allowing passive solar energy to enter, resulting in significantly lower heating costs.

According to PGG Industries, another ACC member, low-e coatings have another important benefit — they reduce the transmission of ultraviolet light, which can cause fabrics, rugs, draperies and furniture to fade. And it’s just one of a handful of practical home and workplace innovations made possible by chemistry.

Meredith will receive $50 to put toward her energy bills and is now eligible for our $1,419 grand prize in November. That’s what the average U.S. household paid for electricity alone in 2010!

We’ll select another $50 dollar winner next Friday, October 19, so be sure to upload your photo today!

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