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Month: October 2012

Natural gas from shale is no fluke, but a trend, IHS report shows

An IHS report on unconventional natural gas supplies has produced a gusher of good news for the chemical industry and U.S. manufacturers. ACC President and CEO Cal Dooley said...

National publication provides a balanced, science-based analysis of flame retardants

A national trade publication today released an exhaustively researched article on flame retardants (“Ablaze Over Furniture Fires”) that sheds light on how leading experts view the chemicals. We found the following...

Congratulations to our #Chemistry2Energy week five photo contest winner!

Congratulations to the #Chemistry2Energy Photo Contest’s fifth weekly winner, Katie Mullins (@kmullin), who showed us how she saves energy by getting around town on her bicycle: [quote]#Chemistry2Energy: my bike...

Business Insider: Americans can turn food and energy waste into big savings

Of the 13 ways Business Insider claims Americans could learn to “throw away” less money, two efforts in particular — cutting back on $165 billion in wasted food and...

October Chemical Activity Barometer indicates strong growth, further signs of recovery

The October report of the Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB) showed a strong 0.6 percent growth over the previous month, representing the fourth consecutive monthly increase in the CAB. The...