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Month: August 2012

U.S. DoD announces $9 billion investment in energy strategy

Increased energy efficiency in military operations is critical to the defense of our country and the protection of our troops abroad. Many of the key components to these efforts...

What’s past is prologue: Ohio’s manufacturing powerhouse can still run on natural gas

Armed with new technologies and policies to support natural gas development, the Buckeye State could make its storied manufacturing past, its prologue. According to Linda Waggon of the Ohio...

60+ business groups call on Senate to support fresh, bipartisan TSCA reform

Earlier this summer, key Democratic and Republican Senators re-stated their commitment to create a new, bipartisan approach to updating the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). It was a welcome...

August Chemical Activity Barometer indicates modest economic growth

Today, the American Chemistry Council released the August report of the Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB), ACC’s new leading macroeconomic indicator launched in June of this year. The August CAB...

Enhancing chemical security: Our commitment to safeguarding communities

ACC member companies recognize the importance of safeguarding chemical facilities and are committed to protecting their employees and the communities in which they operate. That’s why, following the terrorist attacks...