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Future energy needs for a healthy manufacturing economy

Today, American Chemistry Council State Affairs Vice President Roger Bernstein spoke at the National Lieutenant Governors Association Annual Meeting in Chicago, as a part of the “NLGA: Trends Across State & Territorial Governments” panel. Bernstein’s remarks focused on the “Future Energy Needs for a Healthy Manufacturing Economy.”

Bernstein addressed the panel about chemistry’s contribution to creating a strong, secure, sustainable energy future for the United States:

[quote]The NLGA can work to ensure that states help achieve energy security by maximizing diverse supplies, updating energy-efficient building codes, and ensuring that energy recovery technologies are considered alongside policies for renewables.[/quote]

Benstein said shale gas could be a major factor in securing a strong energy future for our country:

[quote]Shale gas is a game changer for the petrochemical industry. The United States’ 100-year supply of abundant, affordable natural gas from shale is fueling a manufacturing revolution.[/quote]

The American Chemistry Council estimates that a 25 percent increase in ethane production could create more than 400,000 jobs across the United States. That number isn’t just good for the petrochemical industry, but for the entire manufacturing sector, and the U.S. economy as a whole.

The 25 percent increase could generate over more than $132 billion in revenue, $4.4 billion in tax revenue, and create jobs in parallel and dependent sectors.

In addition to creating jobs, chemistry is leveraging natural gas resources to create new technologies for a more energy-efficient America.

As the topic of sustainability becomes more critical in the U.S., it’s important to remember that energy efficiency — often made possible through the products of chemistry — also helps to enable a strong energy future. Once these products are created, they can be reused through energy recovery to reduce waste and create alternative energy sources.

As U.S. energy demand constantly increases, natural gas from shale continues to step up to the plate to address America’s energy challenges and hit a home run for the U.S. economy.

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