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Innovators in energy recovery technologies, Agilyx and Covanta take home major awards

Companies involved in recovering energy from waste are getting noticed for their contributions to energy creation and environmental protection. Recently, Agilyx Corporation and Covanta Energy were recognized for their efforts to reduce the volume of waste going to landfill and to reduce carbon emissions through energy recovery technologies.

Agilyx, which has developed technology to economically convert non-recyclable plastic into oil, has been listed as a member of Red Herring’s 2012 Top 100 Americas List.

Chris Ulum, CEO of Agilyx, welcomed the honor, saying:

[quote]Being selected to the Red Herring Top 100 is a great milestone for us. We are proud to deliver a unique solution that is scalable, versatile and environmentally beneficial, and it allows us to tackle two big issues that face our world today – the insatiable need for oil and the continual growth of landfills. Being included on this list with other leading companies is a great recognition for our talented and dedicated team who has worked tirelessly to bring our patented solution to the market.[/quote]

In other news, New Jersey-based Covanta Energy recently was named among the top U.S. companies in the Maplecroft Climate Innovation Indexes, an exhaustive study of how well U.S.-based multinational corporations are managing and adapting to climate change.

This year, 360 of the largest U.S. companies were rated, and Covanta came in eleventh overall. Maplecroft gave Covanta high marks for substantial investments in research and development in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Dr. Paul Gilman, Covanta’s chief sustainability officer, said:

[quote]Energy-from-Waste facilities provide tremendous greenhouse gas benefits to the communities that rely on them day in and day out for sustainable waste management and clean energy generation.[/quote]

These awards help highlight growing interest and appreciation for the benefits of recovering energy from waste – particularly reductions in the amount of waste going to landfill and cuts in carbon emissions.

As the United States explores ways to make an “all in” energy solution a reality, we expect to see interest and investment in these innovative technologies.

Watch these videos to learn more about energy recovery.

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