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Month: June 2012

Thursday policy forum: ‘Unlocking the Vast Potential of Energy Recovery’

Part of America’s energy future may be hiding in plain sight. On Capitol Hill Thursday, the American Chemistry Council will host business leaders and policy experts as they discuss...

How the U.S. business of chemistry can forecast larger trends in the overall economy

Chemistry plays an integral role in technology, products and processes across a range of industries. But did you know chemistry can also be used to forecast larger trends in...

ICCA highlights chemical industry contributions to sustainability at Rio+20 Business Day

The world faces a daunting challenge in meeting the needs of a growing population and encouraging opportunity for all with fewer resources. The chemical industry, through its ability to...

New online racing game highlights role of plastics in innovative vehicle design

Since the 1950s, plastics have been increasingly used to make sport cars lighter and more agile, and over the years they’ve played a growing role in overall vehicle design....

Innovators in energy recovery technologies, Agilyx and Covanta take home major awards

Companies involved in recovering energy from waste are getting noticed for their contributions to energy creation and environmental protection. Recently, Agilyx Corporation and Covanta Energy were recognized for their...