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Month: May 2012

Reduced energy demand is the cleanest energy there is, Dooley says

“There is broad consensus that energy efficiency is the easiest and most cost-effective way to increase energy supplies, promote sustainability, enhance energy security and reduce energy costs,” ACC President...

Jobs created by new La. Nalco facility will pay more than $63K on average

A new Nalco facility in Garyville, La. will create 22 new jobs and lead to the creation of an estimated 167 new indirect jobs, Gov. Bobby Jindal announced in Louisiana...

Covanta introduces new technology to convert waste into energy

Covanta Energy Corporation recently announced that it has completed commercial demonstration testing on a new type of technology that uses gasification to recover energy from waste. According to Covanta,...

Energy efficiency can boost economic activity and create jobs, new study shows

“Energy-efficient manufacturing could spur $2 billion in annual economic activity, support 9,000 jobs and produce more than $71 million in local and state tax revenues,” the Detroit News reported...

Efforts to safeguard chemical facilities cannot be overstated, but the promise of old ideas can

An editorial appearing in the New York Times last week reads more like a teaser to an action movie – overblown and out of touch (“The Risk From Chemical...