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Covanta introduces new technology to convert waste into energy

Covanta Energy Corporation recently announced that it has completed commercial demonstration testing on a new type of technology that uses gasification to recover energy from waste.

According to Covanta, the technology has the ability to gasify unprocessed municipal solid waste (MSW) in a commercial setting, while reducing emissions and generating alternative energy. This would be a significant innovation.

Covanta says its new 300-ton-per-day modular system can be put in place in communities across the country to help reduce landfill volume and convert waste into energy.

In a press release, Covanta stated:

[quote]Recovering energy from waste after efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle is a critical component to managing municipal solid waste.[/quote]

We agree. And, perhaps more importantly, we believe that recovering energy from waste should be a priority in both federal and state energy policies.

To put the opportunity in perspective, consider this: If all the municipal solid waste currently landfilled in the United States were diverted to gasification plants, we could potentially save enough energy to power 50MM+ to 100MM+ homes.

America needs a comprehensive energy policy that draws on our nation’s diverse energy supplies. A growing number of U.S. companies – including Covanta, Waste Management, Agilyx, JBI and others – are developing new energy recovery technologies that we think will transform the way Americans view waste, from something we pay to bury to a resource that can be harnessed as a valuable source of alternative energy.

To learn more about ACC’s proposal for a comprehensive energy policy, visit

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