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AMC’s “The Pitch” spotlights growing trend toward deriving value from waste

A few weeks ago, the premiere of AMC’s ad agency reality show, “The Pitch,” featured two firms battling to lead a major campaign for Waste Management, Inc.

Waste Management is interested in promoting the energy recovery aspects of its business and kicked off the competition by telling the agencies: The assignment is to create awareness that Waste Management converts waste into energy.

According to Waste Management’s website, in addition to being North America’s largest recycler, the environmental services firm currently processes waste to create enough energy to power more than 1 million homes every year and expects to double that by 2020.

On “The Pitch,” Dave Aardsma, chief sales and marketing officer for Waste Management, highlighted the need to educate more people about the possibilities of converting waste into energy:

[quote]People would be surprised to know that we create more energy than the entire solar industry in the United States. We’re so much more than just a trash company. People don’t understand the possibilities that exist with the material that they throw out.[/quote]

Waste Management’s campaign comes at a critical time. As our nation’s leaders work to create a comprehensive energy policy that strengthens our economy and security, they need to understand the opportunities provided by converting waste into alternative energy.

“This isn’t garbage.  This is resources,” Aardsma noted in regard to his firm’s approach to managing waste.

We couldn’t agree more. And we can’t wait to see the campaign in action.

(Spoiler Alert)  The Las Vegas based agency SK+G won the account by pitching a multi-media approach and the working tagline, “Turning Waste into Wow!”

View SK+G’s pitch on YouTube or Q&A w/ SK+G Managing Partner Jerry Kramer on filming the episode.

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