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Month: April 2012

Energy saved under Responsible Care in 2011 could power every home in Norfolk, Va. for one year

The American Chemistry Council today honored 19 of its members for implementing energy-efficiency improvements that helped to conserve 16.9 trillion BTUs in 2011, or enough energy to power every...

Jeff Stier: Look to Canada for ways to improve the science behind chemical assessments

Jeff Stier, risk analyst with the National Center for Public Policy Research, offered several interesting insights the other day regarding how chemicals are assessed and managed in different countries...

Conference highlights growing opportunities for recovering energy from waste, in U.S. and abroad

This week, representatives from the American Chemistry Council (ACC) joined businesses, policy makers and other interested groups at the 20th Annual North American Waste-to-Energy Conference (NAWTEC), a technical gathering...

Thursday: Free webinar to assess shale gas impact on U.S. manufacturing

On Thursday, April 26 at 1:00 p.m. EDT, the American Chemistry Council and Chemical Engineering Magazine will host a free webinar to discuss the impact of unconventional supplies of...

Earth Day a call for greater energy efficiency solutions

More than a billion people around the world are taking part in Earth Day celebrations this year, as the nearly 800,000 men and women employed by the U.S. chemistry...