Resource Recycling magazine identifies up-and-comers in energy recovery

As a lead-up to the Plastics Recycling Conference, March 20-21 in Atlanta, Georgia, Resource Recycling magazine took time to highlight up-and-comers in the exciting, emerging field of energy recovery technology. In particular, developments in so called “Plastics to Oil” technology are happening fast, and are sure to be a major topic of discussion at the conference.

For example, Agilyx – one of the fastest growing companies in this sector – expects to triple production in 2012, while leading the charge to promote plastics-to-oil technologies throughout the United States. Additionally, Vadxx is partnering with the major recycling company Greenstar to recover more plastics via a new materials recovery facility (MRF) in Akron, Ohio. And JBI Inc. of Buffalo, NY, recently signed a deal to work with paper company RockTenn to recover plastics in its recycled paper stream. All three of these technologies offer a compliment to plastics recycling.

Additionally, several other companies are taking advantage of non-recycled plastic as a largely untapped energy resource. Many of these new energy recovery companies are exploring business models that allow them to build upon and complement the existing infrastructure for plastics recycling, and several of them are exploring new techniques for converting plastics to crude oil and other fuels.

To learn more about energy recovery visit or view the schedule of events taking place at the Plastics Recycling Conference.

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