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Month: March 2012

Sustainability and safety are complementary priorities for U.S. military

For the U.S. military, energy efficiency isn’t just about sustainability, it’s about saving lives. A generator powered by the sun may be more fuel-efficient than a gasoline-powered one, for...

Without chemical trade secrets, innovation in America could become a spy game

When Procter & Gamble set out to develop a new detergent that would allow consumers to wash their clothes effectively in cold water, they turned to a unique, innovative...

Tuesday Live Event: Finding the Best Regulatory Environment to Boost Responsible Natural Gas Production

Tomorrow morning, March 20, nearly 200 energy and environmental advocates will gather at The Newseum in Washington, DC to discuss a topic of mutual interest: finding a regulatory framework...

Shell moves a step closer to new U.S. ‘cracker’ plant

This week Shell Chemical signed a land option agreement with Horsehead Corporation that brings the company one step closer to building a petrochemical complex in the state of Pennsylvania....

NYT asks “Is it safe to play yet?” Regulatory bodies around the world say “yes”

An article in Thursday’s New York Times focused on a subject all parents and caregivers can relate to: selecting products to ensure a healthy, safe environment for our children....